Caring Medical Centre is a bulk billed clinic which aims to provide rural GP health care in a city environment.

We endeavour to give patients the time and support they need, as much as possible

Please note:
COVID restrictions still apply at this practise until further notice. This is NOT a walk-in practice. Please phone to organise an appointment as per our normal clinic practices. If you are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms please inform the receptionist when you call so we can triage COVID appropriately.

If this is an emergency or if in doubt please call 000.

Dr Joanne Woodford is our daytime doctor. Her hours are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, from 10am - 2pm. Call during her hours to book an appointment. As Dr Woodford's appointments are limited and she endeavours to give everyone the time they need, please be aware that she does book up quickly and waiting lists may apply. Urgent bookings for serious illness or accidents will be given priority where possible. If it is more appropriate for you to go to hospital, the receptionist will check with the Dr and let you know the decision.

Dr Gabrielle's appointment system works on a different model of care for our after hours General Practice.
Caring Medical is primarily a call up service - you call up, and we place your name on the list when Dr Gabrielle's book is open at time of her clinic commencing. Please note: we do not pre-book Dr Gabrielle's appointments.
We triage sick people, small children and elderly patients and take into account their circumstances.
Thus, if you have a recent accident or serious health issue, let the receptionist know when you ring.
If it is more appropriate for you to go to hospital, they will check with the doctor and let you know the decision. Otherwise, they will get you in as soon as possible.
Basically, we keep seeing people until they stop wanting to come.
If you ring up and are happy to stay awake, then we will see you on that day.
If you are unable to attend your appointment when we call back, the receptionists will negotiate a time that better suits you.

We try to minimise numbers in the waiting room - this way, you can get on with your busy life; there is less risk of cross infection from other people in the waiting room; and everyone doesn't get grumpy being in the same small space.

However, there will be times when people take longer than expected. All we ask is that if you want us to give you as much attention as you need, you try to be patient with others needing time as well.

After Hours:
We are an after hours medical centre, with hours as listed. Should you ring at other times, the phone will be directed to our message system. There is no facility to leave us a message. A recorded message will notify you of our hours and any changes in our opening hours or days for the month, emergency contact details and other important information. If your call goes to this system during our operating hours, it means the receptionist is busy and unable to take your call. Please hang up and try again.

If there is a medical emergency or if in doubt please call 000.