Patient Information

We are a fully computerised, comprehensive, bulk billing general practice offering a wide range of services to all age groups. All staff at our practice are dedicated to the highest standard of professional care. Our Doctors and staff participate in regular, professional education to keep up to date with the latest medical information and treatments. This practice also welcomes visiting allied health on a regular basis.

The Caring Medical Centre is air conditioned and is located on one level with wheelchair and pram access. There is 1 patient/disability friendly toilet within the facility. There is limited onsite parking available including 1 disabled parking area and 1 ambulance bay. We are accessible by public transport with a train station and bus stop nearby.

This practice has a strict "NO SMOKING" policy.

We have a "ZERO-TOLERANCE" policy for any rudeness, abuse or aggression towards our staff. Should this happen Police will be called, you will be asked to leave and will be banned from being seen at this clinic in future.

It is advisable to make appointments to renew scripts before medications run out. Prescriptions for medicines taken regularly may be obtained without seeing the Doctor under special conditions for our existing patients providing the patient has been reviewed in the last three months and at the Doctors discretion. Some scripts however cannot be issued without consultation. You will need to ring to discuss this with the Dr. Urgent scripts will be completed where possible but we highly recommend that you be proactive in your health and that you be aware of your medication needs well before that happens.

Reminders and Call Backs:
Our practice generates a computer recall system for childhood vaccinations, pap smears and chronic illness (e.g. diabetes). We do however encourage patients to take responsibility for their own health, this includes follow-up care and investigation results (e.g. pathology, scans).

Medical Certificates:
Medical certificates are not issued over the phone. If patients require a medical certificate for an employer or benefits agency, they must make an appointment to see the Doctor, except if we are in receipt of a hospital discharge summary clearly identifying the patient is unable to leave home. Medical Certificates will not be backdated for any reason. They will not be emailed to you or employers at all. We do not email sensitive patient documents.

To ensure our staff and patients are kept well Caring Medical has a NO MASK, NO ENTRY! policy. Masks are compulsory for anyone coming into our clinic. If you have an exemption for a mask this must either be on file for existing patients or a medical certificate sighted for new patients. Thee are no exceptions to this rule.

We are primarily a bulk billing medical provider; please present your current Medicare card to the receptionist. If you do not have a current Medicare card or are not a Medicare holder, you will be charged the full fee which is payable at consultation. We do not have EFTPOS or credit card facilities but an ATM is available at the petrol station.

Home Visits:
We do not offer home visits routinely for normal issues. Home visits are at the discretion of the Doctors and relate to known patients who are in Nursing Homes, are elderly or seriously infirmed.
****If you require medical attention outside of our practice hours or if we are extremely busy and you don't wish to wait to be called to come in or you do not wish to leave the house...National Home Doctor Service is available for home visits 13 74 25 on weekdays from 6pm, Sat from 12 noon and all day Sundays and Public Holidays. If you are seen by a Doctor from the Home Doctor Service, a written report will be forwarded to us for inclusion in your records.
****Emergency Departments of local hospitals are also available.
****For all medical emergencies please call 000.

All patients require a consultation with the Doctor before obtaining a referral to a specialist. We are not permitted by law to back date these referrals.

Caring Medical Centre strictly adheres to uphold Australian Privacy Laws and ensures complete confidentiality via data protection. Your medical record is a confidential document and we always maintain high security of your health information and ensure this information is only available to authorised members of staff. Transfer of patient records to another practice is free and requires a signed consent form with identifiable information and will be sent via Medical Objects only. Should a hard copy be requested e.g. the GP is not registered with Medical Objects a fee may be incurred. Please request a copy of our practices Privacy and Confidentiality policy from our reception staff should you require it.

Patient feedback:
From time to time our practice may invite you to complete a questionnaire regarding your views on the practice and how it could be improved. These surveys are completely confidential and will help us to improve our services.
Your feedback is important to our practice. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your care received here at the practice, please inform us immediately. We have a suggestion box in the reception area where you can place feedback if required. Alternatively feel free to send us a letter to:
PO BOX 421, Kallangur 4503
or request to speak to the Practice Manager.
We have a non tolerance policy of any verbal or physical abuse towards our staff. Should this happen you will no longer be offered appointments at this Practice and asked to seek another Medical Practice.

If you have a complaint we would like to hear about it. This is the best way for us to continue to improve our services. We encourage people to let us know of any complaint so we can try and find a solution rather than putting comments on social media without allowing us to address the issue with you. Please feel free to discuss your complaint with your Doctor or the receptionist/practice manager. We also appreciate compliments as well!!
If you prefer you may write to us:
Caring Medical Centre,
PO BOX 421
Kallangur 4503

If there is a problem you feel unable to approach us about, you may prefer to contact the Health Quality and Complaints Commission-
Office of the Health Ombudsman
PO Box 13281
Brisbane QLD 4003
or phone 133 646 for further information.